The Obama campaign on Saturday said that they had passed 4 million donors this election cycle.

The president’s reelection team announced the figure in an email to supporters touting the campaign's efforts thanks to the record donor base. 

The email said Democrats had used the strong fundraising work to out-register Republicans in battleground states for the last three months and that the campaign has opened 798 field offices nationwide compared to 295 for GOP challenger Mitt Romney.


The campaign passed the three million mark in early September 2012.

The 4-million donor figure comes on the heels of $181 million haul for Obama and the Democratic National Committee in September, which set a new monthly record for the 2012 campaign cycle.

"1,825,813 people came together to raise $181 million for this campaign in September," the campaign announced last week on Twitter. The previous monthly high was in August when the campaign raised $114 million.

Romney has yet to announce his September numbers, but indications are that his campaign is continuing its strong fundraising efforts. A Romney campaign spokesperson tweeted last week that the team had raised "more than $12 million" in the 48 hours following the Oct. 3 presidential debate.