The ad then pivots to an attack on Romney, highlighting the editorial.

"Mitt Romney would have just let us go under -- just let them go bankrupt," another autoworker says.

Romney then appears in an interview with CBS News, during which he says that the headline reflected "exactly what I said." Obama highlighted the same op-ed during the second presidential debate on Tuesday.

The ad concludes with an on-screen graphic that shows an outline of the state of Ohio and declares Romney "not one of us."

During the debate, Romney said his plan "was to have the companies go through bankruptcy like 7-Eleven did and Macy's and Continental Airlines and come out stronger."

Well, Mr. President," Romney continued, "you took Detroit bankrupt. You took GM bankrupt. You took Chrysler bankrupt. So when you say that I wanted to take the auto industry bankrupt, you actually did."

Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg echoed that sentiment in a statement issued in response to the commercial.

"This is a hypocritical ad designed to hide the President’s failed record and lack of an agenda for a second term," Henneberg said. "Mitt Romney proposed the right course for the automakers – a structured bankruptcy process to allow them to emerge as sustainable and profitable enterprises. Mitt Romney has a plan to bring a real recovery that will create the environment for the auto industry to thrive."