Palin compares GOP establishment to spousal abusers
Decrying the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill passed by Congress on Friday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wrote an extended analogy comparing establishment Republicans to spousal abusers and Tea Party conservatives to battered wives.
“They did it again. But like a battered wife, we keep going back because every four years they bring us flowers, beg our forgiveness, and swear they’ll never hit us again,” Palin wrote in an op-ed in Breitbart on Saturday.
“The GOP establishment in Congress is our abuser,” she added. “We can’t hide the black eyes any more. The whole neighborhood knows. The Democrats are gloating. Obama thanked Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) effusively — and why shouldn’t he? Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) couldn’t have given him more.”
Palin accused the conservative House Freedom Caucus of giving Speaker Paul Ryan a pass to make a deal with Democrats. She discussed the work she and others put in to get conservatives elected on the assumption that they would halt President Obama’s agenda.
“Instead, they abetted it,” she wrote. “They are Obama’s accomplices.”
Palin’s laundry list of problems with the omnibus bill included funding for ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood and refugee visas, and a lack of funding for a Southern border wall. 
“Basically, everything commonsense conservatives despise — and Republicans promised to put an end to if elected — was funded by this omnibus,” she said.
Palin concluded her analogy by saying: “It’s time to kick our abusers out of the House, change the locks, and keep a loaded shotgun next to the bed.”