“For many, 2015 has been a year of great challenges and impactful events,” he said Thursday the weekly Republican address.
“The terrorist attacks and the continued struggle of millions across America and around the world are a glaring reminder that we cannot take our well-being for granted,” Crapo continued.
“As this year draws to a close, I hope that those who have struggled will find optimism in the dawn of a new year.  These challenges will unite us and our compassion will match our strength.”
Crapo said Christmas season would be incomplete without recognition of the sacrifices of American law enforcement and military personnel.
“This year, we have witnessed both abroad and at home the real threats to our way of life,” he said.
“Yet in the face of these unspeakable acts of terror, men and women still selflessly volunteer themselves to defend added, neighbors, communities and our nation,” Crapo continued.
“Thank you to all first responders and law enforcement officials who serve in the face of evil. And to the men and women of our military, many of whom are far from home right now missing their families and the joys of this holiday season, we thank you.”
Crapo called on the nation not to abandon its support for diversity.
“For those of different faiths, including those who choose not to observe a higher power or any religious faith, this season is observed with many different traditions,” he said.
“The season is a reminder of one of our greatest values ensured by the Constitution: the freedom of religion,” Crapo said. “The diversity of our celebration is part of the magic of Christmas. It brings people together in so many different ways, especially in service to others.”
He added that Christmas offers the perfect opportunity to help the less fortunate and improve the global community overall.
“We live in a beautiful world with some very dark corners,” Crapo said.
“I pray that more light can be shed into the dark corners throughout this Christmas season and that God’s love can be felt and reflected in every corner of our hearts, of our country and the world.”