Gallup: Government is nation's biggest problem

Americans say their own government was the nation’s biggest problem in 2015, according to Gallup, though the number giving that response has dropped slightly.


About 16 percent say some aspect of government — including President Obama, Congress and partisanship — was the nation's biggest problem last year, according to a Gallup survey. That's slightly less than the 18 percent that offered a similar response in 2014.

The economy was the second biggest problem, at 13 percent, followed by a tie between immigration and unemployment, with 8 percent each.

Gallup reported Monday that 2015 was the first year since 2007 that immigration was one of the top four most-cited problems among Americans. It also marks first time since 2001 that no single issue emerged with 20 percent or higher in an average of the firm’s monthly surveys.

Gallup’s analysis of 2015 stems from a total sample of approximately 12,000 adults nationwide via cell and landline phone interviews. It has a 1 percent margin of error.