President Obama acknowledged Thursday night that even though he has pushed for gun control, firearm sales have increased in the U.S.


"I think it's useful to keep in mind I've been now president for over seven years and gun sales don't seem to have suffered during that time," Obama said at a CNN town hall on guns.

"If anything, actually," host Anderson Cooper interjected.

"They've gone up," Obama finished. "I've been very good for gun manufacturers."

Obama's remarks came when he was asked by Cooper about past remarks on gun owners, including his statement that some "bitter Americans" cling to their guns.

Obama went on during the town hall to argue that he respects people who want guns for self-protection, hunting and sportsmanship.

"But all of us can agree that it makes sense to do everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of people who would try to do others harm or to do themselves harm," he said.

Gun sales soared earlier this week after Obama announced he would take executive action to expand background checks on gun sales in an effort to curb gun violence.

Obama said Thursday that his remarks were not the only thing that helped spur gun sales, saying that "every time there's a mass shooting, gun sales spike."

"Part of the reason is that the NRA has convinced many of its members that somebody is going to come get your guns," Obama said.