The widow of the most lethal sniper in U.S. history believes President Obama’s executive action on gun control will not solve firearms violence.

Taya Kyle said Friday that Obama’s unilateral move earlier this week is ultimately empty without better enforcement of gun laws.


“First of all, we’re not enforcing them or prosecuting them,” she said on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” of current firearms regulations.

"So why make another one?” the widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle asked. "It’s a false hope-type thing.”

She then argued that debate over the Second Amendment is too heated for presidential power alone.

“I think that when you talk about pulling away peoples’ freedoms, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds,” Kyle said. "It’s a lot more complicated than that.

“It’s the idea that one man would say, ‘I know what’s best for everyone else’ and by executive action make new law.”

“It’s not about what you’d like as president, no matter who’s the president. If they want it, that doesn’t mean they go make an executive order,” she said.

Kyle admitted that though she disagrees with Obama on guns, she admires his tone on the issue.

“He’s very effective at making people feel like it’s all going to be OK and what he’s saying is going to change the world,” she said.

“He knows the basic issues at this point that are probably coming at him. I think we are in agreement that we can’t fix everything.”

Kyle questioned the president during a town hall over mass shootings Thursday evening. The president praised the “extraordinary heroism” of her late husband, dubbed “The American Sniper” for his military valor.

Obama announced Tuesday that he is expanding federal background checks on firearms sales and beefing up law enforcement on guns.

Chris Kyle died in 2013 after a troubled fellow veteran shot him at a shooting range in Chalk Mountain, Texas. He notched over 160 confirmed kills during four tours in Iraq.