The first lady had three campaign events in the state Thursday scheduled in Jacksonville, Daytona Beach and Miami. Stevie Wonder performed ahead of the first lady in Jacksonville at the Prime Osborn Convention Center, and Anthony and Union were both scheduled to speak before Obama in Miami at the James L. Knight Center. 

Wonder performed several of his iconic songs, according to The Florida Times-Union, but not the one he wrote specifically for the election that urges people to vote for Obama. Wonder released that song, titled “Keep Moving Forward,” last weekend. He also joked that when he hears people "talking crazy" — apparently a reference to Mitt Romney's statement that 47 percent of Americans believe that they are victims — they "must be even blinder" than him.

The first lady, in her remarks, expressed disappointment over missing Wonder's performance. She said Wonder is her favorite artist.

Pro-Obama celebrities are pulling out the stops in the five days remaining before the election. The Democratic National Committee has actress Ashley Judd knocking on doors with a canvassing team, according to its Thursday "get out the vote" promotion on Twitter and Facebook.

Comedians Marlon Wayans and Rob Delaney tweeted out a link to voting information on Obama's website Thursday, as well. And singer Katy Perry tweeted Tuesday that her 91-year-old grandma voted early for the president.