President Obama wrapped up a town hall in Baton Rouge, La., on Thursday by thanking "New Orleans." 

"If you want to see change, you've got to make it happen," the president told those in attendance at McKinley Senior High School in Baton Rouge, the state's capital.

"When I ran for office in 2007, 2008, I did not say, 'Yes I can.' I said, 'Yes we can,'" Obama said in his closing remarks. "God bless you, love you. Thank you, New Orleans! God bless America."

Obama was holding the town hall to tout efforts during his tenure and urge voters to stay involved in the presidential election this year, part of his post-State of the Union road tour this week.

Earlier in the town hall on Thursday, Obama also commented on the possibility of first lady Michelle Obama ever pursuing elected office herself, saying it was "certain" she would never run for president.