"I think if you're running for the presidency of the United States, everything is an issue," Fiorina added when pressed about why it was a campaign issue, saying that "leaders need to be trusted."
The only woman on either the undercard or prime-time stage at the sixth GOP debate Thursday night sparked headlines for ripping into the Clintons' marriage.

"Unlike another woman in this race, I actually love spending time with my husband," Fiorina said.

The Clinton's marriage has been the focus of other candidates, too, most prominently Donald Trump, who has accused Hillary of being "an enabler" of her husband's history of infidelity. 
The Clintons have mostly brushed off the attacks, while allies have bashed the remarks.
Fiorina noted Friday that she had been open about several personal events on the campaign trail, including getting fired from Hewlett-Packard, battling cancer and losing a child to drug addiction. 
"So, yes, I think it's all fair game," she said on MSNBC.
Fiorina also spent part of Friday morning going after Republican presidential rivals Trump and Ted Cruz, accusing them of allowing problems to "fester" while they argue over trivial matters.

"Well you know what I saw last night, I saw a nasty fight between two people who cast themselves as outsiders but who are the ultimate insiders," Fiorina said during her "Morning Joe" interview.

"A nasty fight over power and position, which is what politics has become. That fight had nothing to do with the American people," Fiorina added.
During another interview on CNN's "New Day," Fiorina also cast the Clintons as the "ultimate insiders" and said Hillary Clinton is "more qualified for the big house" than the White House.
"I think she's avoided prosecution more times than El Chapo," Fiorina said on Fox News.