Ryan said the party will be focusing on national security, the economy, healthcare, poverty and fighting President Obama’s “executive overreach.”
“We can’t just be an opposition party,” Ryan said. “We have to be a proposition party. If we do not like the direction the country is going in – and we do not – then we have an obligation to offer an alternative.
“So in the coming months, we will put forward a bold, pro-growth agenda,” he added. “It will show where we stand.”
Ryan said Friday as Republicans wrapped up their retreat in Baltimore that the agenda would be ready “by the time our party has a nominee.”
It remains unclear how detailed the proposals will be. Ryan would not commit Friday to putting the proposals into legislative language or having votes in the House on the proposals, saying it is still early in the process. 
Ryan emphasizes that the ideas will not just be put forward by himself, but that every lawmaker will have the opportunity to provide input through committee-led task forces. 
“We’ve got a big job ahead of us, but this is nothing short of a generational defining moment,” Ryan said. “Everything is at stake.”