Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's campaign on Wednesday released a campaign video modeled after Adele's hit single "Hello" as the former Arkansas governor looks to make inroads in Iowa.
The elaborate video, which runs more than three minutes, opens with Huckabee answering a phone call as "Sioux City" is sung over piano music.
A female voice mimics the cadence of Adele in the video, which shows images of Huckabee in sub-zero temperatures in the Hawkeye State getting "frostbite" and "gangrene."
The theme rings "Hello from the caucus night" with memorable lines like "if Bernie wins I'm gonna die" and there being "no difference between Obama and Hillary Clinton."

It also invokes Adele's theme to tout that Huckabee's campaign has "called and knocked a thousand times."

The video takes several shots at rival Ted Cruz, including one line about the election having "all gone insane" over images of the Texas senator exiting a building.
Another portion of the video takes a shot at Cruz's Canadian birth with a mock text conversation where "Ted Cruz" texts back, "Huck. I'm NOT Czech!" followed by "I'm Canadian !" and a maple leaf flag emoji. 
Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses in 2008, but has so far failed to gain traction on candidates like Cruz and Donald Trump, who are favorites to win the state when ballots are cast on Monday.