Susan Sarandon: Hillary 'failed me'
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Sarandon described the 2002 war vote as the most consequential foreign affairs action of her lifetime.
"She failed me," Sarandon said of Clinton's vote in favor of the war.
"That wasn't just a mistake, it was a disaster." 
Sanders has hammered Clinton over the vote, which she now calls a mistake. The issue came up during the Democratic town hall earlier this week in Iowa, the state where the first ballots of the primary contest will be cast on Monday.

Sarandon has been posting photos to social media of her time in the Hawkeye State this week campaigning for Sanders. She also endorsed Barack Obama over Clinton during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.
"I got emotional just being with him," Sarandon said of Sanders during an interview with CNN's Carol Costello. "They're all over Bernie, they love him." 
"Bernie Sanders consistently has represented everything that I'm interested in and care about," she added.