McCain answered similarly.

“Since I wasn’t home last weekend I didn’t know about this,” McCain told The Hill. “Jon [Kyl] just told me that there was some issue that she’s not around.”


On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Brewer was taking a week-long out-of-state work trip that’s shrouded in mystery. Her office has refused to disclose her location or the nature of the trip, saying only that she left Sunday, will return Saturday, and visited a wounded Arizona soldier at a Bethesda, Md., hospital on Monday.

Brewer was scheduled to certify ballots at a general election canvass on Monday, but canceled because of the trip.

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett is acting governor in her absence.

When asked by The Hill if Brewer should disclose her whereabouts, McCain declined to comment.

“I don’t know how long she’s been gone,” he said. “So I can’t comment on that.”

Kyl responded to the same question with a question of his own.

“Where is she?,” he asked. “I don’t know.”