In addition to the Times, Post, and BuzzFeed, the letter was signed by editors for the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, AFP, Yahoo, and Financial Times. It goes on to inform the Romney campaign that they will be contesting the charge with their credit card company. It also demands a specific price breakdown for every charge in excess of $200 billed by the Romney campaign.

The contents detail multiple instances where reporters were charged hundreds of dollars for a catered meal, and transportation costs that at times exceeded $1,000 per day.

"One news organization contacted two of the bus agencies used by the campaign; it was clear from their reporting that the costs you charged us far outdistanced what you paid for the transportation," the letter said.

News organizations were particularly outraged by the Romney campaign's practice of not disclosing costs before agreeing in advance to travel. On election night, the Romney campaign informed reporters it would cost $1,020 for access to the press file at its election night gathering at the Boston Convention Center after they had already signed up to attend; access to the Obama campaign's event was free.

"The trade-off in any such agreement is that the campaign will not exceed the normal bounds of propriety in charging news organizations," the editors wrote. "In this case, that is seriously in question."

Even if the Romney campaign is unable to recoup its expenses from reporters, it will likely be able to cover outstanding costs. Earlier this month, Romney's staff revealed that the campaign concluded the election with $24.4 million cash on hand.