ISIS 'suicide brigade' has 123 members: report
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More than 120 people have signed up for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria's (ISIS) suicide bomber brigade, Sky News reported.
The news outlet obtained ISIS personnel files revealing the existence of a suicide brigade, with 123 names on its list.
ISIS members who are part of the brigade come from countries including France, Germany, Spain, Tunisia and Egypt.
The files also include registration documents for new recruits and information about training camps, Sky News reported.
There were 25 Belgians identified in the files, 48 references to Belgian nationals and 70 references to the country itself.
ISIS recruits who return to Europe are reportedly trained to both carry out attacks and to be trainers. 
The report came after ISIS claimed responsibility for Tuesday's deadly attacks in Brussels, Belgium, which killed at least 30 people and wounded more than 200, according to CNN.
Earlier this month, The Australian reported that the list of suicide bombers was included in more than 22,000 registration documents leaked to the German intelligence service. The documents were reportedly leaked by an ISIS defector.