Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on Monday argued that President Obama is throwing in the towel against radical Islam by not scaling back Muslim immigration into the U.S.

“This is the reason that this president has lost and continues to lose the battle against radical Islam,” he told host Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co."


“He thinks that if we’re nice, and if we let them in, and more of them, and we show a wonderful example, and maybe put a chocolate on their pillows, maybe they’ll be nice to us,” Huckabee said of Muslim immigrants from regions plagued by radical Islamic terrorism.

“They don’t want to be nice to us; they want to kill us. I’m just utterly frustrated that he wants to go the way of Europe. What a disaster.”

Huckabee said Europe’s openness to accepting Muslim refugees resulted in the recent spate of terror attacks on the continent.

“That’s worked out brilliantly in Europe,” he quipped. "This is a president who wants us to look more like Europe, which means more bombings, more suicide attacks.

“Did we not learn anything from Brussels or Paris?” he asked, citing bloodshed in both cities. "For gosh sake, the fact is that Europe is being overrun by Muslim refugees, and the result is disastrous.”

Varney took issue with Huckabee’s assessment, accusing the former Arkansas governor of bigotry.

“What you’ve just said qualifies you as a bigot,” the host said. "If you place a religious test on people coming in, I’m sorry, but you’re a bigot. You will be labeled a bigot for saying what you just said.”

“Maybe so, Stuart," Huckabee responded. "But I’d rather be a live bigot than a dead idiot who doesn’t understand and continually says, 'Oh, we can just open these borders, and if we’re so nice, they’ll be nice to us.'"