Marijuana advocates plan smoke-out in front of White House

A group of marijuana advocates is planning a smoke-out in front of the White House on Saturday to urge President Obama to decriminalize the drug.

The group, called DCMJ, wrote in a post on its website that the protest is aimed at convincing the president that people should not be arrested for using pot.


“While we have been able to drastically reduce arrests for marijuana possession in the District of Columbia, millions of Americans across the United States are not so lucky,” the group wrote. “As long as cannabis is treated in the same category of drugs as heroin, with no accepted medical use, police will continue to arrest & lockup our brothers and sisters.”

The group planned to meet a block away shortly before 2 p.m. and march a 51-foot joint to the front of the White House. DCMJ said there will be a “mass consumption” of marijuana at 4:20 p.m.

The group called Obama a hypocrite for his policies, noting that he has admitted to smoking pot in his youth.

“We will not be seeking any type of permit from the National Park Police because it is our constitutional right to peacefully gather and demand Obama stop being hypocrite,” the post said.

“He smoked cannabis and became the president of the United States, and while he might think cannabis is a bad habit, does he seriously think it’s on par with heroin, nicotine, or alcohol?”

It is legal in Washington, D.C., to possess marijuana and consume it on private property for people over 21. It is still illegal, however, to consume it in public.