Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was booed during a speech in Flint Wednesday as he apologized for his handling of the city’s drinking water crisis.


"Let me begin by saying I understand why you are angry and frustrated. I want to come here today to apologize," he said, almost being drowned out by the loud jeers of the crowd, according to White House pool reports.

"You didn't create this problem. Government failed you,” he told the crowd.

Several members of the audience responded by shouting, “You failed us.”

"I will apologize and work hard to fix that,” Snyder continued.

Snyder’s remarks came during an event at a local high school ahead of a speech by President Obama. The embattled governor thanked Obama for visiting the city and addressing the crisis.

"I want to thank you for coming here today. This is an important moment to show how we can work together," Snyder said.

The boos intensified when Snyder wrapped up his remarks, saying, "Thank you for the opportunity to come share a few thoughts with you today."

Residents of Flint have not been able to drink water from their pipes since the discovery that the water was highly contaminated by lead. Thousands of children are believed to have been exposed to the contaminated water and could be subject to serious health risks.