"I'm very confident that will not happen," Blumenthal told CNN's "New Day" Wednesday after host Alisyn Camerota floated the possibility of a "bombshell" scuttling Clinton's Democratic presidential campaign.
“It is an inquiry into whether or not anyone intentionally put classified information where it shouldn’t be," Blumenthal said of the FBI investigation into Clinton's use of a private email account and server while at the State Department.
"My understanding is that they will conclude and the Department of Justice will issue a statement at the end that that was not the case. And then all those who were involved in this kind of political hysteria will have to unravel it,” he added.
Among the thousands of Clinton's work emails released by the State Department are several from Blumenthal offering Clinton geopolitical advice and inside information.
Blumenthal on Monday refused to say whether he'd been contacted by the FBI for an interview. 

Asked Wednesday whether he had spoken with Clinton about setting up a personal server, Blumenthal said, "Oh no, I had nothing to do with that."
FBI Director James Comey said last month that there was no rush to finish the email probe before the Democratic National Convention in July, though the probe appears to have entered its final stages.