Mexican president wants to legalize same-sex marriage
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Mexico's president has proposed a constitutional reform to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide.

Enrique Peña Nieto announced his proposal during an event celebrating Mexico's national day against homophobia, BBC reported.

"For an inclusive Mexico that recognizes in diversity one of its biggest strengths," he posted on Twitter. He used a hashtag in Spanish meaning "Without homophobia."


 Peña and the Mexican government also changed their profile pictures on Twitter in support of the proposal, adding an overlay of a rainbow flag.

"In this way, equal marriage will be explicit in our constitution, as has been determined by the supreme court, as is the case in various states, but we can't have in our country some states that have certain rights, and others that don't," he said, according to Reforma newspaper.
Peña is generally seen as supporting conservative social policies, but has been flexible on issues ranging from drug use to same-sex equality.
The court's earlier ruling prevented states from denying marriage rights to couples based on sexuality or gender, but did not establish the legal structure for same-sex couples to get married in every state.
Although marriages are regulated by state law, a federal constitutional amendment will elevate same-sex marriage to a civil right, forcing states to legislate in accordance.

Same-sex marriage is currently legal in the capital, Mexico City and a few other states, according to BBC.

Rafael Bernal contributed.