Report: Men in Trump campaign make 35 percent more than women

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Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump pays women on his campaign staff about 35 percent less than men, according to an analysis by the Boston Globe.

{mosads}The Globe analyzed the April payrolls for both Trump’s campaign and that of likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

It found that women make up about 28 percent of Trump’s staff and made an average of about $4,500 in April, while men made nearly $6,100. Two of the 15 highest-paid employees were women. 

In the Clinton camp, women make up slightly more than half of her staff and made an average of $3,710 in April. Men made an average of $3,760. The nearly 50-50 gender split on her staff translated to the 15 highest-paid workers, with eight men and seven women topping the payroll.

Clinton’s team is also far more diverse racially, with about one-third of her staff made up of minorities. Minorities account for only about 9 percent of Trump’s team. 

Clinton’s campaign is much larger, consisting of about 670 workers who made more than $1,000 in April to Trump’s 113.

Both Clinton and Democratic primary rival Bernie Sanders have frequently addressed the nationwide pay gap between men and women while on the campaign trail, and Clinton has used Trump’s attacks on her playing “the woman’s card” to paint him as sexist. 

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