Still, despite net negative ratings on his handling of the economy, Obama remains personally popular among voters. More than half of Americans — 52 percent — say they approve of the overall job he is doing as president, while just 38 percent disapprove.

But a closer look at the numbers betray a sharp partisan divide. While only 12 percent of Republicans approve of Obama's handling of his job as president, 86 percent of Democrats do. That's likely why voters are less-than-optimistic about bipartisan cooperation over the next four years. While 17 percent predict more cooperation between the parties, 22 percent expect less, and 58 believe the level of cooperation will remain unchanged.

The president does garner bipartisan support on one issue in the headlines of late: his use of drone strikes. Of those surveyed, 57 percent approve of the president's handing of terrorism, and seven in 10 say they favor using drone strikes against foreign terrorists. A plurality — 49 percent — also support the administration's policy of targeting Americans abroad who are suspected of carrying out terrorist activities against the United States. Thirty-eight percent oppose the practice.