Palin compares Brexit to Declaration of Independence
© Greg Nash

Former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin says Britain’s vote to exit the European Union reminds her of the Declaration of Independence.

“The U.K. knew — it was that time. And now is that time in the U.S.A. The Brexit referendum is akin to our own Declaration of Independence," she wrote Friday on Facebook.


“May that refreshed spirit of sovereignty spread over the pond to America’s shores! American can learn an encouraging lesson from this.”

Palin said she hoped the vote will inspire the U.S. to leave the United Nations.

“It is time to dissolve political bands that connect us to agendas not in our best interest,” she said. "May U.N. shackles be next on the chopping block.”

Palin congratulated Britain for choosing smaller government and greater self-reliance.

“Good on you for ignoring all the fear-mongering from special interest globalists who tend to aim for that apocalyptic One World Government that dissolves a nation’s self-determination and sovereignty … the EU being a One World Government mini-me.”

Britain on Thursday voted to leave the EU, creating major economic and financial uncertainty across the globe.

British Prime Minister David Cameron promptly resigned Friday after the results were announced.

Trump on Friday praised Britain for voting to leave the EU.

“This is one of the big votes in the history of Europe and Scotland and everywhere,” he said during a visit to his golf course in Turnberry, Scotland.

"It’s the will of the people. What happened should have happened, and they’ll be stronger for it.”

Trump added he sees parallels in political trends taking place in both Britain and the U.S.

“People want to take their country back, they want independence in a sense. Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence."