President Obama makes a pitch for people to register to vote in a new video spoofing difficult tasks such as stacking Cheerios on top of a stuffed toy of the first family's dog Bo. 
"I hope you all understand that you have the power to shape our country's course. Don't take that for granted," Obama says in the video released by BuzzFeed on Monday. 
In the video, Obama demonstrates several tasks "that are harder than registering to vote."
Obama attempts to name every deceased "Game of Thrones" character, fumbles with a pair of tangled earbuds, plays the game "Operation" and makes a friendship bracelet for Vice President Biden.
He's appeared in viral videos before, including a BuzzFeed video last year used to promote the government's healthcare website when he used a selfie stick.
BuzzFeed said Monday that Obama was helping the site launch a week of content dedicated to encouraging readers to register to vote.