Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is warning that terrorist attacks in the United States could become even more common. 

"When you look at the potential for an attack in the United States, what I'm afraid of is that these attacks like you saw in Orlando, like you saw in San Bernardino, are going to become the norm," the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said on "Fox News Sunday."


Nunes said the Intelligence Committee has long been saying that it appears the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and al Qaeda are growing. 

Nunes also said he thinks the American people are "resilient," adding they know to report something to local authorities if they see anything suspicious.

Still, he questioned the administration's plans to defeat ISIS.

"I just wish that the rhetoric that the president uses actually matched the actions," he said.

"There continues to be no strategy to deal with Iraq and Syria and North Africa, Bangladesh. If you look at the spread of jihadism from Morocco to the Philippines, it continues to grow."

The U.S. needs to go out and build a strategic plan that identifies the enemy and begins to take the fight to the enemy, he said.

"I'm afraid that these attacks are going to become the norm globally," he said.

Nunes also criticized the administration for not using terms like "radical Islam."

"I just don't understand this whole infatuation with not calling a spade for a spade," he said. "Radical jihad is radical jihad. ... I just don't think it's helpful to not call it what it is."