David Duke: Trump’s anti-Clinton graphic was Star of David

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke on Tuesday dismissed Donald Trump’s explanation for an anti-Hillary Clinton image, saying it did contain a Star of David.

“The tweet again shows Clinton, it shows a Star of David. Of course later the campaign made the excuse, ‘well, no, that’s like a sheriff’s badge,'” Duke said, according to BuzzFeed.

{mosads}”Well, no way folks. Clinton, money, the most campaign corrupt person,” Duke added.
Hillary Clinton’s campaign has slammed Trump for sharing an image Saturday that included a six-pointed star, a figure that appears on the Israeli flag and is commonly associated with Judaism, in a tweet labeling her the “most corrupt candidate ever” along with images of $100 bills. The tweet was deleted hours later and replace with an image showing a circle instead of a star.
Trump late Monday pushed back on “false attacks by Hillary Clinton trying to link the Star of David with a basic star, often used by sheriffs who deal with criminals.” Democrats, including Clinton’s campaign, have blasted the tweet as anti-Semitic, an argument Trump’s campaign has rejected.
Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Tuesday condemned the controversial tweet, saying during a radio interview that “anti-Semitic images” have “no place in a presidential campaign.” Ryan, who earlier this year rebuked Trump for not forcefully disavowing an endorsement from Duke, called on Trump to “clean up” his social media efforts.
Duke on Tuesday defended Trump’s tweet labeling Clinton the “most corrupt candidate ever” with the star and image of cash.
“The media immediately came out and said that this was ‘anti-Semitic.’ But of course, it’s all true. We’re not talking about something that’s not true,” Duke said, according to BuzzFeed.

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