The Dallas mayor confirmed Friday afternoon that the suspect that was killed after a deadly attack on police late Thursday night was a "lone shooter." 

"We believe given the facts that we have today that Mr. Johnson, now deceased, was the lone shooter in this incident," mayor Mike Rawlings said in a press conference. "By piecing together what was happening at the time after we talked to and interviewed all the officers... there was confusion with everybody running around, but this was a mobile shooter that had written manifestos on how to shoot and move."


"He did his damage but we did damage to him, as well," Rawlings added.

Police say Micah Johnson killed five police officers and injured seven others in a sniper attack Thursday night during a protest against recent police shootings of two black men. Johnson was killed by a bomb robot-detonated by police. 

Police originally suspected that there were two shooters involved in the attacks.

An update by Dallas police on Friday said Johnson also had bomb materials and other military equipment in his home.

Johnson was identified by police as a former U.S. Army reserve who had served in Afghanistan.