Obama discusses Brexit with Merkel
© Getty Images

President Obama spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday about the European Union’s future relationship with the United Kingdom.


According to pool reports, the two leaders agreed that a “highly integrated” relationship between the U.K. and the rest of the continent is in the best interest of nations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Speaking with reporters later in the day, Obama also expressed doubt in response to some who say that British leaders might try to disregard the Brexit referendum and remain in the EU.

“I think we have to assume that a referendum having been passed with a lot of attention, a lengthy campaign and relatively high participation rates is gonna stick,” he said.

The president pushed back against those who see him as someone who champions the cause of globalization, saying his policies — including international trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership — reflect the reality that “the process of globalization is here to stay.”

“Given the fact of global integration, we have to think globally, more broadly,” Obama said. “Because our security interests, our economies are all going to depend on the institutional arrangements we have across boundaries.”