Obama in Spain: ‘We’ve had a difficult week in the United States’
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President Obama met early Sunday with King Felipe in Madrid during an abbreviated stop in Spain, saying last week had been "difficult" in the U.S.  


"I want to thank you dearly for visiting us, and very specially for maintaining this visit given the present particular circumstances," Felipe said, according to a reporter traveling with the president.

"I wish I was staying longer," replied Obama, who later this week is scheduled to fly to Dallas, where five police officers were killed last week.

"We've had a difficult week in the United States," Obama said, adding that his visit was important because of the close relationship with Spain.

“I confess, though, that the first time I came to Madrid it was not on Air Force One," he added.

Obama then recounted a trip to Spain before starting law school, when he traveled mostly on foot and “ate very cheaply.”

"Never would I have imagined that I would have a reception with his majesty. But it is an extraordinary privilege to be able to be here," Obama said.

Obama also said Spain and the U.S. share “values and ideals.”

"I'm absolutely confident that the ties that bind our people will continue for many years to come," he added.