Ryan on Black Lives Matter: Have to respect different views

Moriah Ratner

Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday called the concerns of the Black Lives Matter movement “profound” and said communities need to come together to find solutions to the issues people are facing.

“People feel like they’re being discriminated against and they’re not safe because of the color of their skin, so that’s profound, and because people believe that, we have to listen to that,” Ryan said Tuesday during a CNN town hall.

{mosads}”And we have to hear about it, we have to understand it and then, instead of just talking, let’s go try solving it.”

The Wisconsin Republican said people should “not harden ourselves in our corners so we stop listening to each other.”

“Let’s make sure that we can actually hear what people are saying and understand what their problems are. And I also think we need to be respectful of each other’s different views.”

After five policemen were killed in Dallas last week, Ryan said the community also needs to give law enforcement officers the support they deserve.

“That means you can’t blame the shooting on Black Lives Matter and you can’t also blame the bad things that a couple cops do on all of the cops,” he said.

“So let’s make sure that we’re not painting people with a broad brush here. Let’s focus on paying respect to the people who are in charge of protecting our communities and the let’s use two ears, one mouth and listen to the concerns that are out there.”


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