Paul's office announced the speech on Monday.

President Obama and Congressional lawmakers have both called for passing immigration reform in 2013. Two separate bipartisan groups in the House and Senate, respectively, are crafting immigration reform bills.

In January Paul urged the GOP to improve its outreach to Hispanic voters. He said that the Republican Party had to "evolve on the issue." Paul's focus in immigration reform has been on stronger border security and a strict pathway to citizenship for immigrants living in the country illegally.

"You can’t have open borders in a welfare state. We’ve got a pretty significant welfare state, so it’s not just about normalizing the 11 or 12 million here, it’s whether or not while you’re doing that another 11 or 12 million come in, and I think that will bankrupt the country," Paul said. "So I am concerned, but I’m also open-minded enough to say that it is an issue that we do need to evolve on. But I’m not willing to be so much in adapting that I believe you allow people to come in without having a secure border and…letting people get to the front of the line."

Last month, after the White House leaked details of an immigration reform draft proposal. Paul criticized the details saying Obama was not acting seriously about passing new immigration laws.

"This is the president torpedoing his own plan. It shows me that he’s really not serious," Paul said on Fox News in February. "There are many people who think Democrats bring up these ideas as wedge issues, they don't really ever want to pass them because then they would no longer have Republicans to blame."