Ten people were killed and several wounded after a shooting at a shopping mall in Munich, Germany, on Friday, The Associated Press reported.

The shooter is among those dead, AP reported, adding that Munich police believe the lone shooter likely killed himself.


The incident occurred at the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum shopping mall. Police described the incident as “suspected terrorism.”

Government officials have shut down public transportation in an effort to locate the shooter or shooters, the AP reported. Police asked residents to shelter in place.

"We believe there was more than one perpetrator. The first reports came at 6 p.m., the shooting apparently began at a McDonald's in the shopping center. There are still people in the shopping center. We are trying to get the people out and take care of them," the spokeswoman said.

President Obama was briefed on the situation, he said Friday afternoon. 

He said it’s still an active situation and “we don’t yet know exactly what’s happening.”

Obama called Germany a close ally and said the government will "pledge all the support that they may need" in the investigation.

According to the Daily Mail, the gunman screamed anti-immigrant slogans before the shooting started. 

The U.S. State Department is looking into whether any U.S. citizens were affected by the shooting, NBC reported.

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