Paul Ryan’s budget won’t help Republicans win
Ramesh Ponnuru at Bloomberg View says the Ryan budget is a "step backwards"

NRA wants to legalize silencers, because ‘hunting’ and ‘self-defense’
Stefan BC from Wonkette argues guns don't kill people, the NRA does

Dodge of the day: Reporter asks Jay Carney if Obama plans to cut back on lavish vacations and golf trips
On Michelle Malkin's blog, Doug Powers covers the press secretary's justification of Obama's "lavish vacations and golf trips"

Erica Werner of the Associated Press reads more into Rand Paul’s speech than is there
Erick Erickson from Red Sate says Rand Paul only uses the word "citizenship" in his speech once, but Werner claims that is what he is promising to illegal immigrants


Obama looks to woo suspicious Israelis on three-day Mideast trip
The Hill's Julian Pecquet and Amie Parnes report on Obama's second trip to Israel. 

Colorado marijuana legalization plan at risk from federal tax, banking rules
The Hill's Ben Goad reports on Colorado's newest document outlining the regulation of recreational marijuana use