The proposed book's working title is Riggedaccording to The Boston Globe

Warren said the book would focus on her fights for more financial regulation, improving bankruptcy laws, and helping to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  

"I’ve been blessed with an unusual career,” Warren told the Globe. "I’ve had the opportunity to fight for causes I believe in. And this book is national, but it’s also deeply personal. It’s a very personal book."

Warren added that the book's current title, "refers to how the economic system’s too often rigged against families who work hard and play by the rules — and how it’s loaded in favor of those with money and power."

Right now the project is just a proposal, Warren has not signed a deal with a publisher yet. She is being represented by Washington lawyer Robert Barnett, who also represented Warren's predecessor, Scott Brown (R-Mass.), when Brown published a book during his time in the Senate. Barnett and Warren have been thinking about a book project even before she was elected to the Senate.

Warren does not plan to use a ghostwriter for the project.

"I like to write," Warren said.