According to a CBS News poll released on Wednesday, 80 percent have a negative of view of the way things are going in the capital, with 30 percent saying they are “angry.” Those are the highest levels of dissatisfaction CBS has recorded since early 2010.


It’s also a nearly 50 percent spike over the last three months for those who say they are “angry.” Only 21 percent described themselves that way in December of 2012.

Those who believe the country is on the right track plummeted over the last month, falling from 40 percent in February to 32 percent in March, as perpetual budget crises have gripped Congress and the White House.

That negative overall view of Washington has contributed to a decline in President Obama’s approval rating, which fell below the 50 percent mark for the first time since his reelection, and sits now at 45 percent. Forty-six percent said they disapprove of the job the president is doing, the first time his approval rating has been underwater since last July.

Congress, which has long suffered from an overwhelmingly negative approval rating, is again approaching the historic lows it reached in the fall of 2011, with 11 percent saying they approve, against 81 percent who say they disapprove. Congress had seen a slight bump in approval last month, at 14 percent positive and 77 percent negative.

The survey of 1,181 adults was conducted between March 20 and 24 and has a 3-percentage point margin of error.