Dana Perino said in a series of tweets Thursday the reason she doesn't sound more optimistic about the state of the Republican presidential campaign is because she's honest.

"Getting a few things off my chest cold: When it comes to political analysis, I make you a promise — I will never lie to you," Perino, co-host for "The Five" on Fox News, tweeted.

"Many of you write, wanting me to tell you GOOD things about the gop chances this year. I wish I could do that. But I WILL NOT LIE TO YOU."


Perino continued, saying she believed in 2012 the polls showing GOP nominee Mitt Romney trailing President Obama were wrong.

"I felt sick election night, realizing I'd been suckered into a fall sense of complacency," she said.

"Romney was not going to win in spite of the 'rigged polls' — and I vowed that night that I would NEVER EVER fall for that again"

Perino acknowledged there are still 11 weeks left before the general election and a lot can change, noting she expects the polls will tighten after Labor Day.

"But you can't win a general...election with the current state of the campaign," she said.

"Some of you call me Debbie Downer, Negative Nancy, or even Pollyanna. I've been called a Pragmatic Snob (is there such a thing?)," she continued.

"But I will not lie to you about the state of this race. I won't do it. No amount of peer pressure digital or otherwise can move me."

The future of the Republican Party is at risk, she said.

"Maybe you want the party to be at risk. maybe it SHOULD be at risk. But I won't be a party to delusion that crowds > established polls."

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