Mo. gubernatorial candidate fudges volunteer history: report
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Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens, who claimed to have volunteered in Bosnia in the '90s, actually volunteered mostly in neighboring Croatia, according to a report by The Associated Press.


In his recent campaign remarks and his online biography, Greitens claimed that he spent the summer of 1994 volunteering in Bosnia to help the children of families impacted by the Bosnian genocide.

Some critics were quick to accuse the candidate of lying in order to appeal to a large Bosnian refugee community in the state.

"Bosnia was challenging," Professor Neil Boothby, who helped organize the trip, told the AP. "But he wasn't close to that, he was in Croatia."

However, Bosnia and Croatia were both part of Yugoslavia prior to the ethnic war, which is why, Greitens said, he made the remark.

"When you think about the violence, people recognize and they understand what happened in Bosnia, and they understand working with Bosnian refugees," he said.

Greitens also added that although most of his volunteer work was done in Croatia, he entered Bosnia on several occasions to meet with international nonprofit groups.