Trump: 'Don't buy' Washington Post book about me
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Trump urged people not to buy the book one day before its release, tweeting: "Don't buy, boring!"
Trump over the past few months spent more than 20 hours speaking with the Post reporters working on the biography, "Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power," according to the newspaper. 
"Trump was gracious and generous with his time, took nearly all of our questions, and often extended the length of our interviews, sometimes doubling or tripling the allotted time. That level of cooperation was a surprising switch from the campaign’s initial reaction to the book," reads an adapted excerpt from the book.
Trump slammed news of the book earlier this year amid his feud with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who owns the newspaper, accusing Bezos in May of using the Post as "a political instrument" against him. 
Trump officially banned Post reporters from his campaign events starting in June, though he has spoken to some of the newspaper's reporters since then.