Conservative commentator Ann Coulter on Tuesday said that if Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonPapadopoulos claims he was pressured to sign plea deal Here's why Biden, Bernie and Beto are peaking The Hill's Morning Report - Presented by Pass USMCA Coalition - Dems look for traction following Barr-Mueller findings MORE wins the presidency, there will be "no hope" of Republicans winning another presidential election.

Coulter, a strong supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpPapadopoulos claims he was pressured to sign plea deal Tlaib asking colleagues to support impeachment investigation resolution Trump rips 'Mainstream Media': 'They truly are the Enemy of the People' MORE, said there would be no point in conservative pundits criticizing Clinton, the Democratic nominee, if that criticism was ignored by voters.


"There will be no hope for any Republican winning another election. There's no point to what I do, what talk radio hosts do, what Fox News does," Coulter said on CNBC. "Nobody goes to the game when you can't win."

Trump is behind Clinton in most national and battleground-state polls, and he changed up his campaign team last week in a bid to better his chances of winning the White House.

Since the shake-up, Trump has signaled a softening to his approach on immigration, though he has not set out any new policies.

His campaign has also enjoyed a period of messaging discipline that it previously had struggled to maintain.

Before the campaign changes, Trump repeatedly warned supporters of the possibility that the election could be rigged, but Coulter on Wednesday said she believed the polls were accurate.  

She blamed the news media, however, for being against Trump.

Coulter also criticized Clinton's policies, saying Clinton would increase immigration from Latin America and the number of Muslims entering the United States.

"We know that's 30, 40 million. She's going to throw open the southern border," Coulter said.

"She's going to more than quadruple the number of Muslim refugees we bring in."

Coulter is currently pitching her new book, "In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome." The book looks to explain Trump's rise and his positions on different issues.