Government agency seeks proof of God’s identity
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The Federal Election Commission (FEC) wants proof that God exists.
Someone calling himself God filed a statement of candidacy for president in February. God initially filed to run as a Republican, though in a hand-written follow-up filing with the FEC, the candidate asked to change his name to God-Father.
In the initial forms, the God for President committee listed its address as a post office box in Staten Island, N.Y.
But in a letter sent Wednesday to the God for President committee, the FEC made clear they’re skeptical that God exists. The agency gave the candidate until Sept. 29 to provide new filings that include an accurate name.
“It has come to the attention of the Federal Election Commission that you may have failed to include an accurate name of the candidate and an accurate principal campaign committee” on FEC forms, the letter reads. 
If God is who he says he is, the FEC wants proof.
“If the information you submitted in FEC Form 2 is, to the best of your knowledge and belief, true, correct and complete, please file a response to confirm this,” it wrote.
Without that proof, the FEC told the campaign committee it has the authority to refer false statements to law enforcement authorities.
The hand-written follow-up letter, sent in April, identified the candidate as “Joseph F. Kennedy (God).” Though the campaign is registered in New York, Kennedy wrote he “will leave Colombia only when my name will be on the news TV.”
Since the initial filing, God has left the Republican Party and asked the commission to run as an independent.
God could not immediately be reached for comment.