The Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Wednesday released the ad, which features members of a fake law firm offering assistance to those "injured" by the GOP presidential nominee.
"Have you been injured by Donald Trump?" a man wearing a suit and tie asks.
"Insulted or bullied?" a woman asks.
"Are you just plain livid that a con man is running for president?" wonders another man.
The minute-long video includes clips of several controversial remarks Trump has made during his campaign and directs viewers to a DNC website to check their voter registration status.
The spoof comes complete with flashing yellow text, a website address scrolling across the screen and "victim" testimonials.
The law firm's slogan: "We'll take your aggravation and turn it into representation."
"If you’ve been injured by Donald Trump and his divisive and dangerous campaign, the DNC has an important resource for you," the party organization said in announcing the ad.
The video stars actual DNC employees and includes a disclaimer noting that the law firm is a joke.