The Hill reported on Monday that some Senate Democrats are considering changes to the filibuster to prevent Republicans from blocking nominations by requiring nominees meet a 60-vote threshold, rather than just a simple majority.

Reid is reportedly mulling the option and Mikulski said she would back him if he did — even if the mid-session change leaves Democrats open to the criticism that they’re changing the rules in the middle of the game.

“If Senator Reid is ready to go for it, then so am I,” Mikulski said.

As The Hill reported Monday, labor officials were on Capitol Hill last week pushing Democrats to act on the controversial filibuster reform, citing potential future nominees to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) as a reason the change was necessary.

“I am frustrated about many things, not just NLRB,” Mikulski said Tuesday. “I was one of the original [lawmakers to say] let’s change, let’s dramatically change the filibuster rules. I am of the [Utah Sen.] Tom UdallTom UdallCruz to get Nord Stream 2 vote as part of deal on Biden nominees Democrats threaten to play hardball over Cruz's blockade Rubio vows to slow-walk Biden's China, Spain ambassador nominees MORE state of thought, which is show up or shut up.”

Mikulski was referring to a speaking filibuster, rather than one that merely requires a threshold of votes.