Obama scolds reporter over question on immigration

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President Obama on Tuesday scolded a reporter who shouted out a question at the end of a press conference in the Rose Garden. 
The Washington Post’s David Nakamura asked Obama whether his immigration policies have been effective, given that new federal data show women and children from Central America illegally crossing into the U.S. at a faster clip than they did two years ago. 
{mosads}“No. Actually, David, they spiked heavily in 2014, went down significantly in 2015, have gone back up this year — in part because there’s still desperation in Central America,” Obama responded. “But are still not at the levels they were in 2014.”
“But I appreciate you shouting out a question since I’m sure there are colleagues of yours who would want to do the same,” the president added dryly.
“FWIW I asked the president to respond to his DHS announcing yesterday numbers of Central Americans crossing border in 2016 is MORE than 2014,” Nakamua tweeted after the press conference.
Other media members chided Obama for his response to the Post reporter.

The question came during a news conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who is at the White House for an official visit and state dinner. 
Traditionally, Obama’s press conferences with foreign leaders are conducted using a format in which each leader gets two questions from U.S. journalists and two from foreign reporters.
Nakamura shouted his question after both the Italian and American press corps finished asking their questions. 
White House reporters have complained about the format, saying it unnecessarily restricts the number of topics the press can address.
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