Aaron Schock expects federal indictment
© Greg Nash

Lawyers for Aaron Schock expect the former Republican congressman from Illinois to be indicted by a federal jury looking into whether his office misused campaign funds.

In a statement reported by The Associated Press, Schock attorney George Terwilliger said the indictment will "look bad" but will represent a "misuse of power" by Justice Department attorneys. 

He said underneath the charges are "made-up allegations of criminal activity arising from unintentional administrative errors."

"These charges are the culmination of an effort to find something, anything, to take down Aaron Schock," Terwilliger said.


Schock, who resigned from the House of Representatives last year, has been under FBI investigation since a spending scandal in which the Republican lawmaker allegedly misused funds to remodel his office in the style of the television show "Downton Abbey."

In another statement obtained by the AP, Schock said the charges were the result of prosecutors having "poked, prodded and probed" every part of his life and that he was ready to battle an indictment.

"Like many Americans, I wanted to have faith in the integrity of our Justice Department," he said. "But after this experience, I am forced to join millions of other Americans who have sadly concluded that our federal justice system is broken and too often driven by politics instead of facts."