The survey found that attitudes toward the National Rifle Association (NRA) — the nation's largest and most influential gun lobby — were more clouded. The NRA had a positive favorability rating of 43-41 percent, although four in 10 said they'd be less likely to support an NRA-endorsed candidate. Just 28 percent said an NRA endorsement would make them more likely to back a candidate.

The White House and its allies have begun aggressively pushing the Senate to again look at an expanded background check bill. Next week, Vice President Biden will host an event at the White House to rally support for the legislation. Organizing for Action, the nonprofit group born from President Obama's reelection campaign, also circulated an email Friday from the daughter of the slain Sand Hook Elementary School principal.

At an event for LGBT Pride month Thursday at the White House, Obama said he would continue to push for the gun legislation.

"I'm not giving up the fight to keep our kids safe from gun violence," Obama said.