GOP senator drives for Uber, warns passengers not to puke in car
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Call an Uber in Nebraska and you might end up in a car with a U.S. senator. 


Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) has been moonlighting for the ride sharing service, in an attempt to get to know his constituents and raise a little money for charity. 

"I like to work alongside and for Nebraskans," Sasse said on Twitter Sunday. 


His office later said his temporary Uber gig was part of a "work tour" he was participating in. 

“Senator Sasse does tons of Nebraska work events,” the spokesman told the Guardian, “from changing tires on semi trucks to feeding cattle at 5am. This work tour was built around the changing and dis-intermediated economy, a subject he talks about frequently.”

The situation came to light when a 19-year-old University of Nebraska-Lincoln student Adrian Silva tweeted about the experience. 


Silva later told Buzzfeed that Sasse was a "pretty cool guy" and got out of the car and personally introduced himself. 

“He’s a pretty cool guy,” Silva told Buzzfeed. “I couldn’t see who else would take time out of their day and shake my hand.”

Sasse later shared some of his more colorful memories from the short-lived gig.