Trump opens up about family
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Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump calls for Republicans to be 'united' on abortion Tlaib calls on Amash to join impeachment resolution Facebook temporarily suspended conservative commentator Candace Owens MORE opened up about his family, talking raising children and the loss of his brother Freddy in a lengthy interview.

In an interview with TMZ that aired on Fox News Friday, Trump gave Harvey Levin a tour of Trump Tower, his home and campaign headquarters. The interview was taped before he won the presidential election last week. 

Trump spoke about his five children, and admitted that he wasn’t very involved in their upbringing. 

“I would like to say [I was involved] a lot. I talk to all my children, but not in the sense of that much involvement. Nothing I’m proud of, but their mothers have done such a good job,” Trump said. 

He described his wife Melania as "traditional" and the primary caretaker of their son Barron, age 10.

“She’s very traditional. She'd rather stay at home than anything else, she’s very traditional. I think that's good," he said. "I’m a good father but she’s very dominant when it comes to raising her son." 

Trump said he Melania as first lady would be "very helpful" to charities and said he appreciates her good sense.

Trump also talked about his late brother Freddy, who battled alcoholism and died at 42. 

Trump said he has had a strict “no drugs, no alcohol and no cigarettes” policy for his own kids.

And he said that his own decision to never have a drink stemmed in part from fear that he would similarly be predisposed to addiction.

But Trump said that talking about his late brother is less painful than one would expect, because it may be helping someone else. 

“There’s somebody out there thats watching you and I have this conversation that’s not going to be drinking or not going to be taking drugs or not going to start smoking cigarettes because of the conversation we’re having right now, and there’s something really cool about that, don’t you think?”