Vice President Biden applauded the Supreme Court's rulings earlier this week overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8, saying that "we're on the verge of seeing America move even further" on same-sex marriages.

"I think we'll see the day when it is no longer a debate about whether or not same-sex couples can be married and whether or not they deserve every single civil right every other married couple deserves," Biden says in the latest "Being Biden" episode, a periodic series posted to the White House's website.

Biden heralded the Supreme Court's ruling as "a great day for every gay and lesbian couple and it should be a great day for every straight couple in America.


"Now we can look each other in the eye and say: We're on the road to absolute fairness and equity."

He also said that the decision would have a "profound impact" on "every gay and lesbian couple in America. 

"The point here is Americans are way ahead of their political leadership," Biden said. "They have been. I think they crossed this rubicon about fairness for same-sex couples a long time ago."

Biden made waves last year when he announced last May that he was "completely comfortable" with gay marriage — a statement he made despite President Obama remaining, at the time, in favor of only civil unions. Three days later, the president said he had "evolved" on the issue and agreed with Biden, acknowledging that his vice president's comments had accelerated the timeline for announcing his policy shift.