27 big-name brands pledge next generation of leaders will be 50 percent women
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Twenty-seven CEOs of major companies collectively pledged Wednesday that women will hold 50 percent of leadership roles in their firms by 2030.


The group, named The Paradigm for Parity coalition, is made up of big names such as Coca-Cola, Accenture, Bank of America, LinkedIn, McKinsey & Company and Nordstrom. It is led by three women in top leadership roles at their companies: Jewell Bickford, Ellen Kullman and Sandra Beach Lin.

In the announcement Wednesday, the CEOs said their companies would adopt a five-point plan toward gender parity, including "eliminating or minimizing unconscious bias in the workplace and significantly increasing the number of women in senior operating roles."

Other parts of the plan include creating new measuring targets for women's involvement, "focusing more on business results and performance, rather than physical presence" and offering sponsors, not just mentors, to women.